Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Department of Industrial Design (DoID) was established in 1993 as a response to the emerging needs of the industry for creative designers with strong technological, managerial and entrepreneurial skills. In Istanbul, the industrial and cultural capital of Turkey, ITU Department of Industrial Design offers design education with international standards at undergraduate and graduate (inc. PhD) levels in both English and Turkish.


• To offer undergraduate and graduate level education by cultivating competent, creative, entrepreneur and leader industrial designers who can utilize their knowledge and skills and generate innovative product concepts and specifications for the common good of all the stakeholders involved in production, marketing and use by considering the ethical and environmental issues.

• To undertake interdisciplinary design research to generate new knowledge and methods in design, and share them with the stakeholders by considering the needs of the country and international developments.

• To develop an active promotion and information strategy for the relevant segments of the society and to work in this direction in order to ensure that industrial design is used effectively in the development of the country and in enhancing the quality of life.


To sustain being the leading institution of Turkey in industrial design education and research institutions; to be a research and education partner of internationally equivalent schools and institutions; to raise graduates who are able to compete across the world.