Constructed by English architect William James Smith in 1852 as the Imperial Military School of Medicine for the modernizing Ottoman Army, Taşkışla, our building, has been housing our faculty since the 1940s. Three-storeyed ashlar masonry building lies over 3000 square meters and equipped with large studios, amphitheaters, classrooms, state-of-the art laboratories, workshops, cafeterias and an architectural library with rich domestic and international titles.

Established in 1884 as part of the Civil Engineering School in late-Ottoman era, the School of Architecture has been educating professional architects for over a century. In 1944 it became the Faculty of Architecture, and since then gradually expanded and became the largest school in its field in Turkey. Today, ITU Faculty of Architecture consists of five undergraduate programs: Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Industrial Design. With its undergraduate and graduate programs ITU Faculty of Architecture proudly continues its world-class education and research activities in all fields of design in built environment. ITU Faculty of Architecture consists state-of-the-art labs and workshops for the use of both undergraduate and graduate students and researchers.

Alongside the educational, research and social facilities and spaces of the Faculty of Architecture that we benefit, Department of Industrial Design also owes IPD Application Workshops consisting of a prototyping atelier with CNC, and other machinery and equipment for forming basic wood, metal and plastic materials; machinery and equipment to produce jewelry and other minimal metal products in Jewelery Design Workshop. Yet, rapid prototyping facilities are also available within the Faculty of Architecture.