MSc and PhD Programmes in Industrial Design are part of the İTÜ Graduate School of Science, Engineering and Technology. MSc Programme has been continuing since 1989 and PhD Programme since 1996. The philosophy of the program is based on a dynamic design research culture, which aims to seek new knowledge and methods in design in a universal sense, is open to local and global actors, developments, and impacts, feeds on and nurtures them, and constantly renews itself.


To create and gain disciplinary and interdisciplinary academic competencies in order to generate new knowledge and develop scientific methods in the field of design; to contribute to the formation of culture and tradition in academic research and industrial design education in Turkey; to share the results and outputs of design research with all relevant segments for social benefit.


To have Turkey's leading graduate programs in design research and maintain this position; to be the primary partner of the international network of design research, in Turkey.

İTÜ Industrial Design graduate programs focus on design research. The main thesis/research topics in these programs can be listed as design methods and processes, design research methods, design theory/history and criticism, user-centered design, interaction design, design policies, design management, design strategies, culture in design context, social responsibility, sustainability, creativity, entrepreneurship, semantics, semiotics, and innovation. For detailed research topics lists, you can check the personal web pages of the faculty members. In addition, more than 150 master's and over 40 doctoral theses completed within the programs can be reached on the databases of “Council of Higher Education (CoHE) Thesis Center” and “ITU Academic Open Archive”, via the following links:
Council of Higher Education (CoHE) Thesis Center
ITU Academic Open Archive

Evaluation of Success:

In order to graduate from graduate programs, in addition to the successful completion of the course in the aimed credit, a theoretical thesis should be written in the format announced by the Institute of Science and successfully defended in front of the jury. Industrial Product Design graduate programs are research-oriented and not based on applications of design or project. With its interdisciplinary and research-oriented structure, Industrial Product Design Graduate Programs are open to students with various backgrounds such as engineering, architecture, fine arts, and social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc.). If these candidates are accepted, they are required to complete a 15-credit scientific preparation program consisting of undergraduate courses. ITU graduate programs also have strong connections with national industry and institutions as well as effective international linkages in the context of the Erasmus+ Exchange Program and bilateral agreements. Students enrolled in the Industrial Product Design graduate programs have the opportunity to study and do research at 12 design schools from 6 European countries, if they meet the required conditions. For detailed information and up-to-date announcements about graduate programs, you can follow the following links of ITU Graduate School of Science Engineering and Technology and ITU Registrar's Office:

Lisansüstü programların içeriğine ve başvurularına ait detaylı bilgi ve güncel duyurular için İTÜ Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü ve İTÜ Öğrenci İşleri Daire Başkanlığına ait aşağıdaki linkler takip edilebilir:

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